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Senior IPTC
Service Provider
Principal Assistant Director/Faculty (Technology/Business)/ Head (Professional Certification) - IP Academy

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Dr. Cheng Yu-Chao (Jack) is Principal Assistant Director and Faculty at IP Academy, specialising in competitive intelligence and IP management. He is also the Head of Professional Certification and the China Desk.

Jack received his PhD from the Division of Engineering and Technology Management, National University of Singapore (NUS). He is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor at NUS and Renmin University of China, teaching the modules “Patent Deployment, Licensing and Litigation”, “IP Management”, and “Technology Intelligence & IP Strategy”.

Prior to joining IP Academy, Jack was the co-principal investigator for several national projects on patent trends and litigation in the information and optical-electronic industries. In addition, he also conducted several consulting projects related to IP management, patent analysis and deployment for companies in various industries, including the semiconductor and financial leasing industries.


Education Government ICT


IP Intelligence Patent Analytics Valuation


Certified Patent Valuation Analyst – Business Development Academy
Graduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Law (GCIP) - National University of Singapore
Doctor of Philosophy (IP Management) - National University of Singapore
Master - National Sun Yat-Sen University