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Zheng Xin


Senior Engineer - Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd

  9736 9128, 6660 8348

  huangzx@stengg.com, zhengxin_435@hotmail.com

Zhengxin obtained his Bachelor of Engineering Degree (Mechanical) from Nanyang Technological University (NTU). He is currently working at ST Kinetics in their R&D Office responsible for Technology, R&D and IP related matters. In Intellectual Property, Zhengxin manages the company’s patent portfolio and provides in-house IP Advisories to support project teams in patent related matters such as patentability, commercial viability etcs. He also performs IP landscaping analysis and patent searches to assist in identify technology trends for development / business strategy. His intellectual property work touches different areas such as defence related equipment, mechanical system and vehicle related fields. Zhengxin is also responsible for administration, tracking and management of company funded R&D programs within ST Kinetics.


Railway & Transportation


IP Intelligence IP Portfolio Management Patent Analytics


Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)- Nanyang Technological University