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Senior IPTC
Service Provider
Director - Centre for Innovation, Research & Enterprise (CIRE)

  6550 0434, 9850 3633


“The quality of IPs from an organization is a reflection of its serious intent to invest in its future to stay ahead.”

Today, companies are pushed to innovate to better differentiate themselves – new products and services are being sought to gain the competitive advantage.  Therefore, IP protection, portfolio management and exploitation have become very important to safeguard the business interest of companies and to help carve a niche in the market place. Leveraging on my years of accumulated experience and expertise in technology transfer, which encompasses (i) ideation (to identify new opportunities or solve prevailing problems);  (ii) IP productization (to translate IPs into viable pragmatic solutions); and (iii) commercialization (to license or assignment IPs for market adoption), I can share and advice on matters related to  IP strategy & policy, manpower development requirement, and SOPs to ensure effective, efficient and productive work flow and information sharing across  the organization.


Education ICT Manufacturing


IP Portfolio Management Technology Transfer Training


Doctor of Philosophy - Loughborough University
Master of Science (Advance Manufacturing Technology) - Cranfield University
Master of Business Administration
Diploma - German Singapore Institute