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  Who is an IP Technology Consultant (IPTC)?

An IPTC is an IP professional who integrates deep knowledge and expertise of IP and engineering, science or technology. In an IP-driven economy, IPTCs are key enablers who are competent in translating research and technologies into valuable assets.

An IPTC performs the following roles:

  • Advises clients on IP creation, protection and exploitation of technology-based IP assets
  • Conducts review on existing technology-based IP portfolio and performs IP intelligence, including patent analytics, market research and competitive analysis on available or new technologies (local and overseas)
  • Provides inputs to facilitate the development and/or refinement of technology-based IP assets, strategies and policies (e.g. managing invention disclosures)
  • Provides inputs relating to IPM risk assessment
  • Identifies and assists clients on matters related to Research/IP collaborations, IP commercialisation or value creation opportunities (e.g. licensing, freedom to operate, M&A, etc.) in collaboration with IP Professionals (e.g. Patent Agent, IP Lawyer, IP Valuer, etc.)
  • Conducts training to raise awareness of IP within organisations.

Endorsed by the IES-IPOS IPTC Registry Steering Committee